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Farmer Foggy - Tremendous Tractors (DVD)

Farmer Foggy - Tremendous Tractors (DVD)

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Oh no! Rusty the tractor has broken down. While we wait for Mickey the mechanic to fix him, Foggy shows us all the jobs that the other tractors are doing on the farm. From ploughing to potato planting, this DVD is a must for all the little tractor fans out there!


Farmer Foggy is the loveable 3D animated star of this series of fun and education. He takes us on an exciting tour around real-life farms on his speedy quad bike!

Foggy introduces us to lots of lovely farm animals, and tells us all about the facinating machines that can be found on a working farm. He shows us how fruit and vegetables are grown, and what happens to the food once it has been harvested!

  • Running time 45 minutes
  • Colour UK PAL DVD
  • Aspect ration 16:9

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