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Tractor Ted - In Autumntime (DVD)

Tractor Ted - In Autumntime (DVD)

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Preschool children love to see the real farm action of Autumn in this 40 min film introduced by their favourite farm character, Tractor Ted.  

Children who love machines will love Tractor Ted in Autumntime.  With so much to harvest there are many different types of machines at work, many being pulled by really big tractors.  Tractor Ted takes a trip out to see how lots of lovely food grown in the UK is gathered and stored.  Some of it is for the animals to eat, like the maize silage which is collected with a Forage Harvester.  We see how these big machines have very sharp blades at the front which can sharpen themselves!  Tractor Ted joins in on screen to interact with the young viewers.  He asks them questions about what they are watching, to count, sing and laugh at the things that go wrong.  A film packed with all the fun and discovery typical of Tractor Ted DVDs.  A great way for youngsters to understand the cycles of life and the seasons. One of four Tractor Ted Seasons DVDs.

THE ONE WITH Lots of Harvesters/Hitching
SONGS Self Propelled Forage Harvester/Apples!/Combining
KIDS LOVE The Hitching Sound Clunk Clink/Amazing Forage Harvesters
GROWN UPS LOVE Autumn Countryside/Farm Signs
  • Running time 40 minutes
  • Colour, UK PAL DVD
  • Aspect ratio 16:9

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