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Classic Farming with Classic Machinery, Parts 1 & 2 (DVD 262)

Classic Farming with Classic Machinery, Parts 1 & 2 (DVD 262)

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Classic Farming with Classic Machinery is exactly what the title suggests. This two- part series looks at the machinery on the Saunders family’s 300-acre traditional mixed farm in Norfolk. All of the work is carried out using a 14-strong fleet of sought-after classics which come together to form a fascinating and unique story as we follow the farm through the seasons.

John Deere is the favoured brand, represented by an 1140, 2040, 2130, 2040,
3140, 6400 and 6420S, and they’re joined by a couple of David Browns in the form of an 880 and 990. A couple of vintage tractors are also still used in anger, with an Allis Chalmers B and Fordson E27N Major each playing their part. Other machinery on the farm includes a John Deere 1075 combine, Whitlock 308 digger and Sanderson GX525 telehandler.

Crops grown include winter and spring barley, winter oats, potatoes and sugar beet. Beef cattle are also kept. Part one covers the first half of the year, with muck spreading, ploughing and other cultivations leading on to cereal drilling, sugar beet drilling, potato planting, fertiliser spreading, hoeing and spraying through to lifting the early potatoes and the winter barley harvest. Part two carries on the story with combining winter oats, stubble cultivations, spraying, harvesting potatoes and sugar beet and drilling winter cereals, plus ancillary activities such as ditch cleaning and workshop work. The programme concludes with preparations for next year’s spring sown crops.

Action packed, with tractors working hard and plenty of noise and smoke, these DVDs are a must for any tractor enthusiast or lover of farm machinery.

Running time: 107mins and 90 mins each 

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