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Fordson - The Last Generation (DVD)

Fordson - The Last Generation (DVD)

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In 1958 the Ford Motor Company introduced a new version of their highly popular Fordson Major tractor - the Power Major. This is the starting point for this DVD where we tell the story of this tractor and the Super Major, Super Dexta and New Performance models that followed it.
Following on from the bestselling Fordson - The First Generation and Fordson - The Next Generation DVDs, which tells the earlier story from 1917 to 1957, this volume wraps up and 
also includes the experiences of tractor owners.
The Fordson era lasted from 1917 to 1964 and included many important tractor models that had a huge impact on agriculture the world over. In this DVD we pay tribute to the very last of that iconic generation

Running time approx 120 mins.


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