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Truck Driving Men 1 (DVD)

Truck Driving Men 1 (DVD)

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Welcome to this new range of DVDs, where we meet different drivers at work in Australia, Scotland and Ireland. 

First we meet JS Reid and Sons drivers Robbie and Davy, who are heading off to Warrenpoint Docks where they load up with a Claas self propelled forage harvester and Claas combine harvester.  When they're loaded and tied down one is off to Erwin's Claas distributor at Nutt's Corner in Co. Antrim, and the other is en route to a Claas distributor Leinster Farm Machinery at Duleek in Co. Meath.  Once empty, both trucks return to Warrenpoint Docks to repeat the process across Ireland.

In New South Wales, Australia, we meet with two brothers Tom and John Austin of Elfin Transport.  They load massive trucks with two ton bales of cotton which are en route to the Gin cotton factories 200 kilometres away - and make this journey twice in one day!  The talk about 12000 kilometre journeys made during wheat harvest, and the rules and regulations involved in Australian transport operations to remain legal and operational.

It's always nice to visit Scotland for the scenery, but when you're a driver with heavy haulage company Mar-Train from Lisburn in Northern Ireland, then it's a little different. We see them visit Peterhead in the north east of Scotland to shift massive windmill sections to Gordonstown in Turiff.  This job takes weeks to complete as 55 metre wings from the largest mills in the country are slowly transported through sometimes hazardous conditions caused by snow, daily with police escort.  Upon arrival Mcnally's 500 ton crane from Co. Monaghan greets and lifts the mill wings off their transport.

Finally, we visit MK Haulage, a family run business in Newtownards, Co. Down. We meet up with Colin who having just returned from delivering plaster sand is cleaning the lorry down.  He talks about how his father started the business in 1964, and his early trips to Europe in the 70s.  The business continues to thrive with his sister Amanda also driving for the company and working in the office, and  we conclude this film travelling with him to Ards Peninsula to deliver his load to a local building supplier.

  • Total running time approximately 60 minutes
  • Colour UK PAL DVD
  • Aspect ration 16:9

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