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Truck Driving Women (DVD)

Truck Driving Women (DVD)

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This new DVD is unique in the making, ever since Philomena Begley made the song ''Truck Driving Woman'' famous, it has brought on a new breed of truckers and they show that most things that a man can do a woman can do just as well, like driving the big trucks the lenght and bredath of Ireland and all over Europe.

Truckers like Caroline Fegan whose father Martin started his family haulage business in 1973 and built it up to the large fleet of DAF lorries and trailers they have today.

The youngest woman driver is Geraldine McIvor who comes from Cookstown in Co.Tyrone and drives all around Europe every week in her Scania 164 truck and tipping trailer - for Moyle Transport in Co Antrim.

We also meet owner and driver Ann McQuaid from Boyle in Co. Roscommon, who has three lorries. She drives the Scania the length and breadth of Ireland hauling all types of goods.

Finally we meet Diana Bartlett from Cloughmills in Co.Antrim, who drives for Mulgrew Haulage in Dromore Co.Down. On her holidays she drives a car transporter for Johnston Car Transport taking cars to showrooms around the Province!

  • Total running time approximately 60 minutes
  • Colour UK PAL DVD
  • Aspect ration 16:9

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