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Bundle - Four Seasons of Farming (DVD 235)

Bundle - Four Seasons of Farming (DVD 235)

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This is a unique four-part DVD series looking in-depth at the farming year at Clopton Green Farm, an East Anglian arable farm. Detailed attention is given to crops and agronomy as well as machinery, cultivations and every aspect of modern farming. Structured in seasonal order, the series encompasses everything from cultivations through to maintenance work. Crop walks keep the viewer up to date with progress throughout the year.

Crops grown include wheat, spring barley, oilseed rape, sugar beet and spring beans. The wide range of machinery used is predominantly from the AGCO stable with Challenger, MF and Fendt tractors represented, along with John Deere. All action is captured comprehensively using unique camera angles.

Part one deals with spring cultivations and the drilling of barley, beans and sugar beet. Fertiliser applications, weed control and the first fungicide applications are also carried out. Running time: Approx 93 mins plus extras.

Part two continues the story with fertiliser applications and spraying as well as covering ancillary activities. Harvest starts with the oilseed rape, and already work begins to prepare the land for the following crop. Running time: Approx 91 mins plus extras.

Part three begins with the wheat harvest, followed by the barley and beans and establishment and subsequent care of next year’s oilseed rape. Primary and secondary cultivations are also carried out for cereal crops. Running time: Approx 102 mins plus extras.

Part four concludes the story with wheat drilling, cultivations and preparation for next year’s spring crops, autumn herbicide applications, sugar beet harvesting and establishing wheat after beet. Running time: Approx 113 mins plus extras.


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