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Project 20 - Part 3 (DVD)

Project 20 - Part 3 (DVD)

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Project 20 focuses on farming and contracting with modern classic tractors and machinery in Suffolk during 2019, 2020 and 2021. It continues in the spirit of the best-selling Project 55 but features tractors from a much wider variety of manufacturers including Fendt, Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, Caterpillar, Ford, New Holland, Fiat, Case-IH and John Deere. These all date, where possible, from before the turn of the millennium. 

Part Three covers the very busy autumn and winter period, beginning mid-way through September 2020. The action begins with manure spreading followed by some primary cultivations and mole draining before the first drilling is carried out. An extremely wet autumn hinders progress and gives rise to some unconventional scenes as every effort is made to get next year’s crops established. The sight of three unusual continental European classics (Fiat, Fendt and Lamborghini) coming together to plough and drill a field of wheat is one of the many highlights.

The sugar beet harvest then begins with the subsequent ploughing and drilling covered in detail, with a wide variety of iconic classics used and later compared. The programme concludes with some late ploughing after sugar beet, first in sticky conditions using a Caterpillar crawler and later on a frosty morning with wheeled tractors. Once again, a wide-range of manufacturers are represented throughout and there are many epic scenes of multiple tractors working together in the same field. The Project 20 story will continue and conclude in Part Four.

  • Running time 113 minutes
  • Aspect ratio 16:9

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