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Lincolnshire Railways (BOOK)

Lincolnshire Railways (BOOK)

  • £16.99

Lincolnshire is a largely rural county, which was reflected in the early history of the railway lines.  The main lines mostly passed through on their way to somewhere else and the local traffic was handled by a large number of branch lines.  

Author Alan Stennett explores the history of the railways in Lincolnshire, starting with the very early days when it was expected that Lincoln would be on a main line to the north, only to lose out to what we now know as the East Coast Main Line.  Using archive maps, original photographs and other sources, he traces the development of railways in the county, and their role in serving the great fishing port of Grimsby, 'bracing' East Coast resorts such as Cleethorpes and Skegness, the iron and steel industries of Scunthorpe and the agricultural heartland of the Fens.  

The network saw many early closures before being savaged by the Beeching cuts, but the story continues to the present day, where new developments offer renewed hope for what is left of the system.

  • Author: Alan Stennett
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 160 pages
  • 150 Colour photos and 60 B&W photos 

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