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Lincolnshire A Century on Film 7

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Due out this October is the last DVD in our major new local history series.  Volume Seven covers the last three decades of the Twentieth Century, a period which saw the rapid decline of photographic film as video and digital systems became increasingly popular.  However, although traditional methods were waning, film had not yet been totally abandoned.  The most recent footage held by LFA dates from 1995.

The success of this ambitious and long-running project, now completed by the release of Volume Seven, is largely due to the dedication and long-term commitment of its two principal architects, Steve White and Alan Stennett.  Steve devoted a great many hours to selecting suitable material from amongst Lincolnshire Film Archive's holdings, and then editing the items into coherent programmes.  Alan, already familiar to many as the voice of Primetime DVDs, wrote and recorded the informative narrations which help to interpret the images and place them in context.  

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