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David Brown - Implements on Film (DVD 068)

David Brown - Implements on Film (DVD 068)

  • £15.95

David Brown implements were constructed by what the company called a 'Great Alliance' of David Brown itself and a range of specialist agricultural engineers. Some were made to David Brown designs in their own factories. Others were designed by local agents but built by David Brown, and a larger number were constructed by companies such as Atkinson, Alley and McConnel to David Brown approved specifications.

This DVD sorts out some of the confusion by going back to original David Brown films and identifying many of the tools at work. The DVD features several different kinds of ploughs, from the conventional 3-furrow to the very unconventional 2-way plough, many cultivation and crop handling machines and a variety of specialist devices, including post-hole diggers, hammer mills, trailers and muck-spreaders.

Special attention is paid to Hurricane forage harvesters, the various lifting and handling tools, and the Albion range of implements which occupy a special place in the history of David Brown.

  • Running time 52 minutes
  • Colour, B/W. UK PAL DVD
  • Aspect ratio 4:3
  • Written and narrated by Alan Stennett



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