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Bundle - Vulcan Restoration 1,2,3 and 4 (DVD 345)

Bundle - Vulcan Restoration 1,2,3 and 4 (DVD 345)

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This bundle includes four DVD films for the price of three, and comprises over 390 minutes of fascinating Vulcan XH558 restoration video, interviews and exclusive access.

Vulcan Restoration Part 1 (RRP £10) This is the first in a series of videos documenting the complete, and exclusive, story of the restoration to flight of Vulcan XH558 at Bruntingthorpe Airfield in Leicestershire. This series is unique in telling the complex story of the restoration of this phenomenal aircraft.  Part One introduces the teams, and begins with the contamination examination and non-destructive testing of the airframe using x-ray, ultrasound, eddy current and videoscope. Enhanced inspections led to a thorough manual examination of the airframe looking for signs of dissimilar metal corrosion, and many systems which are no longer required have to be removed including the Red Steel radar.  This DVD also includes bonus material featuring a guided tour of the hangar floor by Vulcan Operating Company manager Andrew Edmondson.  You'll not find another series of videos like these.

Vulcan Restoration Part 2 (RRP £10)  Vulcan XH558 was grounded in 1993 and attracted a dedicated team of enthusiasts, professionals and engineers who assembled at Bruntingthorpe in Leicestershire to restore this iconic aircraft back to flight. This team is closer than ever to reaching that goal as XH558 begins the rectification phase of the restoration. The structures bay is at the heart of this phase, with many Vulcan parts passing through the area. Amongst the many jobs to be completed are repairs to skins in the fuel tanks, jet pipes and air intakes, the removal of serious corrosion in the bomb aimer's blister, and a key modification to the rear spar that must be completed to extend XH558's fatigue life.  The Trust have faced many financial difficulties but none have come closer to pushing the project to the brink of failure than the short-fall in funds that preceded Roll Out. The dramatic announcement that the Vulcan Operating Company staff would all be made redundant galvanised public support. With only days left and following exceptional national media coverage, a staggering £1.2m was donated and pledged at the eleventh hour confirming that XH558 is the people's aeroplane. The programme ends with the dramatic and historic Roll Out, marking the achievement of the Vulcan to the Sky Trust as it reaches another important milestone, in the continuing story of Vulcan XH558.

Vulcan Restoration Part 3 (RRP £10)  With 'Roll Out' achieved and the future of the project guaranteed to first test flight, the Vulcan Operating Company and Marshall Aerospace can continue with rectification and recovery of Vulcan XH558. Part Three continues this fascinating restoration story, covering the most intensive engineering phase of the project. All six systems of the aircraft must be rectified, re-fitted and tested. Highlights include the rebuild of the fuel tanks and pipe work; completion of electrical repairs and 'power on' for the first time; flushing and testing of the oxygen, hydraulic and pneumatic systems; rebuild and balancing of the flying controls; the complete reconstruction of the cockpit including instrument panels and crew seats; installation of the four Engines, Auxiliary Airborne Power Plant and Air Conditioning Unit. To mark the 25th Anniversary year of the Falkland conflict Baroness Thatcher visits the hangar to lend her support to the engineering team, and meets her 'Black Buck' crews for the first time.  With the restoration work completed and the paperwork cleared the aircraft is moved outside for engine and taxy tests. Bruntingthorpe Airfield, XH558's home since 1993, reverberated to the sound of the mighty Rolls Royce Olympus engines once more. The programme culminates with the historic first test flight. The restoration of the Vulcan will remain one of the most exceptional aviation stories ever told.

Vulcan Restoration Part 4 (RRP £10)  This series is unique in telling the complex story of the restoration of this phenomenal aircraft.  This DVD documents the highs and lows of the several flight tests as the team overcame problems with undercarriage doors that refused to close, compass errors, radios that whistled and a mid-air fire warning emergency. The aircraft's compasses were realigned and the Vulcan was put nose to nose with Lancaster PA474 - re-uniting the two Avro Bombers.  As the testing phase neared completion the aircraft and crew prepared for the first air show at Waddington. But the Vulcan's debut was on a knife edge as the VOC waited for the CAA to grant the permit to fly. The news finally came through on the morning of the preview day as XH558's silhouette appeared on the horizon. However before the aircraft could display to the public, the display authorisation still had to be granted. The tension was high - would the Air Show have its star attraction, would the public see the vulcan display and would the Vulcan To The Sky Trust realise their ultimate dream -- to see XH558 back in the skies displaying to her adoring fans?

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