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Just Jane Lancaster Experience

Just Jane Lancaster Experience

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The Aviation Heritage Centre in Lincolnshire is one of the country's finest tributes to Bomber Command, and the fifty-five thousand aircrew who sacrificed their lives during the Second World War. At the heard of the museum is Lancaster NX611, 'Just Jane', which is owned by farming brothers Fred and Harold Panton, in memory of their brother Christopher who crashed over Germany in a Halifax bomber. NX611 has been lovingly restored to taxying condition, and regularly gives public demonstrations on the former RAF airfield at East Kirkby.

This interactive DVD takes you on a tour through the magnificent aircraft guided by the team at East Kirkby. You can also experience an interactive taxy ride aboard 'Just Jane' selecting between the cockpit, bomb aimer, turret or tail gunner positions. The Aviation Heritage Centre is also home to several museums, and the all-important memorial chapel which displays the names of the 57 & 630 Squadron aircrew who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Featuring a tour of all the museums and chapel; air shows and other special events; and the Queen Mary airfield tour including a bird's eye view of East Kirkby today. "If one person goes away with a better knowledge of Bomber Command, their losses and what they gave for our country, we are one step closer to repaying our debt to them." Aviation Heritage Centre.

  • Total running time 90 minute
  • Interactive DVD 
  • Colour video
  • Aspect ration 16:9

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