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Lincolnshire - A Century on Film 3 (DVD 114)

Lincolnshire - A Century on Film 3 (DVD 114)

  • £14.95

'Lincolnshire - A Century on Film' is a major new series of DVDs showing life and work in the historic county.

Volume Three in the series covers the war years. In spite of the difficulties and wartime shortages, local film makers managed to produce a detailed record of this dramatic period in Lincolnshire’s history. Drawing on their film material, this DVD covers the period from the last desperate months of peace, right through to the Victory celebrations of 1945.

Among the memorable scenes featured in this DVD are RAF Lancasters operating out of Lincolnshire bomber bases; Air Raid Precaution (ARP) and incendiary bomb exercises; War Weapons Week & aluminium collection for Spitfires; the sand-bagging of buildings and the construction of air raid shelters; arrival of evacuees from the cities; rationing of food, fuel and other essential supplies, the British Restaurant and TocH organisations in action; and the Home Guard recruitment, training and final disbandment. Also features extracts from the film ‘Country Town’ which shows how the countryside was doing its bit for the War effort.

  • Running time 80 minutes
  • Colour and B/W, UK PAL DVD
  • Aspect ratio 4:3
  • Written & narrated by Alan Stennett



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