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Lincolnshire - A Century on Film 6

Lincolnshire - A Century on Film 6

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‘Lincolnshire – A Century On Film’ is a major new series of DVDs showing life and work in the historic county. Volume Six covers the 1960s, fondly remembered as a period of liberating social change, especially for the young, as music and dance were suddenly free to develop in exciting new directions. But in other areas the old ways were slower to disappear. As we see, schoolgirls still had cookery lessons, the village shop was central to local life and a typical day out meant a visit to the seaside, the zoo, or one of the many Agricultural Shows. 

Nevertheless, innovation was certainly in the air. The new stern trawlers were revolutionising commercial fishing, the motor racing circuit at Cadwell was substantially extended, and South Lincolnshire gained major new visitor attractions with the opening of Springfields Show Garden and the increasingly elaborate Spalding Tulip Parades. 

What do you remember about the Sixties? Maybe it’s the Big Freeze of 1963 or ‘I’m Backing Britain’. Now you’ve a chance to re-live those memories. Or what about the annual Kennedy Memorial Test, with participants walking (or even running) from Louth to Skegness and back, all within twenty-four hours. 

Also featured are Royal visits, teacher training, Carrington Steam Rally, Scouts and Guides, St John Ambulance cadets, a Circus parade in Grimsby, disastrous fires at Lincoln and Louth and, in this era of progress and unlimited opportunity, a remarkable new system of ‘electric’ fishing and an ingenious folding boat.

  • Narrated by Alan Stennett
  • Total running time 80 minutes
  • Colour and B/W UK PAL DVD
  • Aspect ration 4:3


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