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Lincolnshire - A Century on Film 5

Lincolnshire - A Century on Film 5

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‘Lincolnshire - A Century On Film’ is a major new series of DVDs showing life and work in the historic county. Volume Five covers the early years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, when post-war austerity was giving way to exciting new developments. Tractors and combines were replacing horse power; at Lincoln Central station, busy with passenger and goods trains, the skyline was transformed by the construction of Pelham Bridge, opened by Her Majesty the Queen; a major South Holland institution was born as the first annual Tulip Parade brought colour and excitement to the streets of Spalding; in Gainsborough, the opening of a new petrol filling station was a cause for celebration; Louth had its new grain silo and maltings; and the Scartho scouts were building their own swimming pool. 

But tradition was still very much in evidence. The Belvoir Hunt was in full cry again; trawlers set out from Grimsby, one of the world’s great fishing ports; there were paddle steamer trips to Spurn Point; a sewing bee was held in preparation for the village fête, where bowling for a pig was still the highlight; and at a Sleaford secondary modern school, the curriculum included agriculture, metal work and the baking of rock cakes. 

But despite the air of calm and security, the WVS were learning to build emergency cookers in case of nuclear war; and with the swinging sixties just around the corner, a traditional family holiday at Skegness now seems to mark the end of an era.

  • Narrated by Alan Stennett
  • Total running time 70 minutes
  • Colour and B/W  UK PAL DVD
  • Aspect ration 4:3


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