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Skegness Then and Now (DVD 040)

Skegness Then and Now (DVD 040)

  • £14.95

'Skegness Then and Now' is a combination of modern video and extensive archive film footage that shows how much things have really changed in this famous seaside town.

A couple of generations ago, in the Twenties and Thirties, polished boots and three-piece suit were appropriate wear for a day in the beach, though th daring younger man might sport a cap instead of a hat. Even the children were expected to paddle and swim in all over bathing costumes. By the Sixties, the picture was very different, but holiday-makers could still expect to sit in neatly arranged rows of deck chairs and listen to a three-piece orchestra.

Scenes of Butlins, the pier and the Figure 8 feature prominently in the DVD, along with Carnivals and Beauty Contests from days gone by and the sort of holiday amusements that have long since passed into History. But the comparison between old and new reveal that at least two things don't seem to have altered: the donkeys look pretty much the same as they always did, and even if the holiday makers of days gone by dressed in a way we shouldn't care to now, it's plain to see that they weren't having any less fun.

  • Running time 45 minutes
  • Narrated by Dave Bussey
  • Colour/BW, UK PAL DVD
  • Aspect ratio 4:3

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