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Fordson Farming

Fordson Farming

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Re-released on DVD

The era of Fordson Farming was probably the greatest epoch in the history of Ford tractors. It began in 1945 with the launch of the stalwart E27N Major and continued through the E1A series, which included the acclaimed Fordson Diesel Major. In 1957, the Major got a workmate as the Dexta added a new facet to Fordson Farming before the 'New Performance' models of the mid-1960s brought the era to a close.

The script has been written by Stuart Gibbard, author of award winning books, who has selected some of the best examples of the Fordson tractors of the period for the programme. Over thirty machines, from Dagenham production models to rare four wheel drive and tracked conversions made by manufacturers such as County, Doe and Roadless, are seen in action with authentic implements at various locations.

  • Running time approx 80 minutes
  • Colour UK PAL DVD
  • Aspect ratio 4:3
  • Written By Stuart Gibbard
  • Originally released in 2006

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