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The Big John Deere 7 (DVD)

The Big John Deere 7 (DVD)

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Volume 7 brings you a new collection of stories all about the different uses for John Deere tractors and machinery in farmer's everyday lives.  We see John Dan O'Hare extend his large fleet of tractors when he got three new John Deere's delivered to his farm and Ivan Megaw also extends his fleet with two new tractors and a John Deere mowing machine which were all delivered by Kenny in his big Volvo lorry and low loader from Johnston Gilpin, Lisburn in Co. Antrim.  We see Ivan Megaw's team at work at the silage in Co. Armagh with the two new John Deere, a 6210R and a 7280R, and the new John Deere mowing machine. 

In north east Scotland we meet with HRN Tractors who show us two new John Deere combines, a S670i and S690i, both on tracks!  Then across in Canada we meet with the Storey family who told us their story about every day life on their farm.  We also meet the Martin family with three generations of farmers who are bringing in the harvest with two giant combines, and due to drought move big bales across the land on a lorry.

Back in Ireland again we call upon another John Deere dealer Michael and Michelle Hanlon in Dundalk, where we see their well stock showroom as they prepare combines for the Combine for Charity world record challenge - where over two hundred combines will be working on one field in Co. Meath breaking the current world record.  CRL from Portadown are relaying a pitch at the main stadium I'm Bucharest with their John Deere tractors that they brought for finishing the equestrian centre in Greenwich, ahead of the Olympics.

Finally we return to Ivan Megan at Terry Milligan's in Poynzpass, Co. Armagh, to see the team working with four combines trying to cut the harvest during bad weather, the worst wet season in Ireland since 1985!

  • Total running time approximately 60 minutes
  • Colour UK PAL DVD
  • Aspect ration 16:9

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