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Tractors in the Shire (DVD 009)

Tractors in the Shire (DVD 009)

  • £10.00

Vintage tractors and machinery hard at work ploughing, trenching and bringing in the harvest. The internal combustion tractor has been the power source of choice for farmers for over a century, and has allowed dramatic changes to take place in agriculture over that time.

This video looks at some of the machines that have helped drive that change, such as the U-frame Wallis, the Standard Fordson and the little Grey Fergie, along with some that proved to be interesting side-tracks, like the Massey-Harris Universal Tractor, the Maclaren Mobile Windlass, a Vickers Aussie and a WWII Sherman tank converted into a 375hp agricultural tractor - a fine example of turning swords into ploughshares! Working sequences include a pair of Maclaren machines hauling a massive Fowler mole plough back and forth across the field, four different tractors working as a potato planting team, two working binders, one hauled by a Caterpillar D2 and the other by a green Fordson model N, and a variety of machines running threshing sets, ploughing and cultivating.

  • Running time 57 minutes
  • Colour, UK PAL DVD
  • Aspect ratio 4:3
  • Written and narrated by Alan Stennett

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